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Ordering from Storybook Floral is easy. Just follow the steps below. 

  • Choose your fresh flower designs from the SHOP page and add them to your cart.
  • Select local hand delivery OR in-studio pickup.
  • Complete the secure checkout process.
  • In-person collections are available from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm from our La Mesa studio.
  • Your order includes a handwritten note card. Please include your brief card message in the order notes during Checkout.
  • Please note: images shown for each product are a color and styling guide. There may be variations with flower varieties and colors due to availability, freshness, and seasonality.

We design and deliver fresh flowers from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm on weekdays. Weekend deliveries are sometimes available by pre-arrangement, so please plan ahead.

We are a family-operated, mom-run business (we know you understand). If you need delivery on the weekend, please kindly provide several days’ notice.

We are a sustainable florists who work hard to continually source as much floral product as possible from right here in California. Many of our flowers are grown in Southern California,  just up the road in San Marcos, Encinitas, and Carlsbad. USA-grown flowers are our next choice and we are proud to support both American farmers and American manufacturers of hard goods, ribbons, and wrapping. 

For imported flowers, such as roses and orchids, we partner with the most reputable local wholesalers who source especially for us from Holland, Ecuador, New Zealand, Thailand, and beyond. We treasure our relationships with wholesalers and growers, and treat them like family. That’s why you’ll see us treating them with cookies, hugs, and cards. Every market trip is a friendly affair. We couldn’t do without them! 

Storybook Floral does not advertise wedding services, but we adore a good love story. Our minimum spend for wedding florals is $3,000 for clients that match our eco-conscious values and aesthetic style. If you are seeking a ceremony arch and traditional centerpieces, we aren’t a great match. But, if you are interested in more modern, contemporary, forward-thinking trends or ideas, we’re here to make that impact! Use our inquiry form or send an email with your wedding details and we will connect ASAP.

Yes! Please contact us and we will gladly create a Custom Gift Card for you in no time. We are able to mail Gift Cards or arrange a studio pickup.

Yes! Business to business relationships are always a good idea. We are the florist for several major companies, including Inuit/Quickbooks, HHDA Designs, and realtors all over San Diego County. Business services are one of our favorite services.

If you’re interested in using Storybook Floral as your exclusive company florist, please send email or use our inquiry from to begin custom services.

If your order has not been created or departed for delivery, we happy to cancel with no questions asked and refund your payment in full.

If your flowers have already been designed, or are en-route to delivery, we are not able to refund the perishable products you’ve ordered.

Like other agriculture markets, the prices of floral product are largely dictated by supply and demand.  For example, for Valentine’s Day, on average, more than 100-million roses are sold in America alone.  Growers start on their rose crops after Christmas and require additional labor at all levels of production.  Since the holiday falls in the middle of winter there are higher heating costs, and because of the volume of roses additional transportation and delivery are also needed.  Each of these factors contributes to the proportionate cost of flowers during Valentine’s and other major floral holidays such as Mother’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. 

Flower deliveries always include an easy-to-understand Flower Care guide for the recipient. Here’s the important info:

  • Immediately upon receiving your arrangement, water the flowers as much as you can , making sure the water is as close to the top of the vessel as possible.
  • Maintain the water level by adding fresh water every single day. Do not forget!
  • Ensure that no loose leaves or buds falls into the water. Remove any debris.
  • As flowers wilt, remove them from the arrangement. This will help the other flowers last.
  • Do not add floral preservatives, bleach, allum, or any other mysterious substance to the flowers. They like fresh, clean water best.
  • Your flowers are temperature-sensitive. Avoid heaters, A/C’s, drafts, and bright sunlight. 
  • If you are keeping flowers overnight to gift the next day, it is appropriate to store them in your refrigerator. They’ll be happy with that. If you don’t have cooled storage, don’t sweat. Flowers are often even more impressive on the second day when the blooms start to flourish.
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Delivery Questions


Storybook Floral does not fulfill Same-Day deliveries.

We are artists who work slowly and thoughtfully in a small art studio. Same-Day deliveries require large amounts of flower inventory and speedy turnaround, which are not part of our practice.

Please kindly order at least 24 hours in advance of your delivery.

Not usually. Delivery times typically have a 4-hour window and I do not guarantee delivery appointments.

Each day is different and sometimes deliveries take much longer than expected, which effects the day’s schedule.

If you require a delivery appointment, we may request an additional fee to prioritize your particular needs. Thanks for understanding!

If no one is home, we will try to find a safe area, away from sunlight and place the flowers there. We will be sure arrangement is topped off with water. If you know that someone will not be home, please arrange delivery to a neighbor, rental office, or workspace instead. 

Gate codes, parking restrictions, and location-specific considerations are necessary pieces of information to ensure successful delivery.

If we aren’t able to find a safe space, we will contact you immediately to arrange an in-studio-pickup. Re-delivery attempts incur an additional fee, so please advise be certain your recipient is home or that there is a safe place when ordering. Provide as much information as possible to avoid this.

Our philosophy is that delivery is a complete service in itself. It requires significant time and logistics to be done well, and fuel costs are always on the rise. Therefore, our deliveries are calculated to provide a living wage for all and to keep our family operation going.

You are always welcome to pick up your flowers at our studio in La Mesa to avoid delivery fees. I thank you for honoring our careful process of fee calculation.

Absolutely! You’ll be notified immediately when the delivery is complete letting you know who received the flowers and when. We will text or use email to notify you of the successful delivery.