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Storybook Floral’s mission is to offer the most personal approach to flowering possible.

Studio in La Mesa, CA
Proudly serving San Diego

Phone: 619.928.4827
Email: chrissy@storybookfloral.com

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Meet Your Florist

Once upon a time, I was a Master Teacher in some of San Diego’s best-ever preschools. My love and excitement about early literacy grew, and eventually, I became a known storyteller. I specialized in bibliotherapy for children experiencing trauma, and my spontaneous and interpretive tall tales were stories for healing.

As I moved away from teaching, I wondered how I could offer this experience to grown-ups. Following my passion for art, design, and florals, I opened a new book. Storybook Floral’s “Once Upon a Time” unfolded.

Storybook Floral’s mission is to offer the most personal approach to flowering possible. Everything created in my studio reflects your story, your moment, and your personality. Tell me your story, or the story of a loved one, and I’ll illustrate your personal narrative with the magic of florals.

Perhaps you know exactly what kind of arrangement, wrap, or bouquet you’d like, maybe something inspired by a memory or daydream. Maybe are you a flower newbie who needs a creative designer to completely take the reigns. Either way, I can bring your story to life in color, texture, and gesture.

Storybook remains a bespoke floral business. We don’t offer choices from an online catalog or showcase pre-designed arrangements. What you see on the website is a sampling of Storybook creations that can be personalized for you. You are the storyteller of your flowers. A few keywords about the recipient, the event, or the colors you desire are all I need to bring your tale to life.

I believe that floral design and delivery is a healing, therapeutic process, just like telling or listening to a beautifully woven story.

There is magic within flowers, and we all have stories to tell.

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