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  • Purple orchids magenta dahlias

    Orchid Duobloom


    Our #1 Best-Seller is a show-stopping pairing of our signature flower, the Cymbidium orchid, and one other exquisite complimentary flower.  The arrangement takes you on a journey through fascinating shapes, patterns, and colors of the massive orchid blooms along playfully surprising seasonal focal flowers. Dahlias, roses, peonies, and ranunculus are frequently chosen as mates for…

  • Flower arrangement with pink, magenta, yellow and white orchids

    Phalaenopsis Monobloom


    Orchids are known to make people feel safe and to elicit inner peace through their presence. This species of orchid, known as the phalaenopsis, has protective qualities and is considered to be one of the most mysterious, exotic, and collectible plants in the world. Phalaenopsis orchids have showy, dancing bi-lateral blooms and sensual draping forms,…