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Storybook Floral’s mission is to offer the most personal approach to flowering possible.

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Bridal Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are among some of the most impactful, impressive, and important floral creations that come out of the Storybook Studio.


Our bouquets are deeply personal for every couple’s personal story. They are designed to reflect their history, convey their interests, and get the bride noticed.


Storybook Floral only books one wedding at a time so that full attention is given to one special bride’s hopes and dreams. Every flower is discernably hand-selected and guaranteed to be the best of the bunch.


Bridal bouquets are often remembered for a bride’s whole life. We enjoy infusing them with aromatic flowers and energizing herbs that lift up the entire sensory experience.


Storybook Floral has been known to explore all of San Diego, from Solana to Otay, in search of a bride’s dream hue of one particular flower.


Some florists wouldn’t enjoy that process, but we live for it!