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Storybook Floral’s mission is to offer the most personal approach to flowering possible.

Studio in La Mesa, CA
Proudly serving San Diego

Phone: 619.928.4827
Email: chrissy@storybookfloral.com

The Flowers

People say Storybook Floral has a magic touch. We see the flowers themselves as magical. Perhaps we are just the wizards. And fairies.


Like all great magic-makers, we use special ingredients to cast our spells. Our flowers are mostly California and American- grown, with the exception of our roses which are imported fresh from Ecuador.


Our close relationships with local flower farmers and their wholesale providers give us access to just about all flower species and varieties year-round.


We enjoy the careful, discerning selection of flowers and blooms. The perfect flowers will transform spaces, evoke feelings, engage emotions, and delight senses. Is that magic? Yes. It’s magic.