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Sleeping Beauty Roses (Two Dozen Roses)


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One thing’s for sure: we do roses differently. You won’t see our roses evenly spaced with baby’s breath and ferns. What you will see is an artist-sculpted two-dozen premium Ecuadorian blooms nestled and grouped together in a luscious composition. You’ve never experienced roses like ours. We promise.

As experts in roses, we guarantee freshness and long-lasting vase life like you’ve never experienced before. Luxury imported roses , selected just 24 hours before delivery are artistically paired with a single other botanical element to compliment them perfectly. These are not your average flower -shop roses, and your recipient will beg for more.

Have a favorite rose color? We have 5 favorite varieties of Reds, 3 choice shades of White, about a dozen unique Pinks. How about electric blue? Perhaps you need an Orange Crush, Ocean Song, Moody Blues, or highlighter yellow….We’ve got them all!

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