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Storybook Floral is home of the original Monobloom™ and Duobloom™ designs., two handcrafted floral gestures which mark the cutting edge of sustainable floristry. Our trademarked compositions are famously elegant for their refined aesthetic and responsible sourcing.

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The Cymbidium Orchid

OrchidMonobloomSidePinkFeathers comp
OrchidDuobloomHelleborePink comp1
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We only support local wholesalers and maintain strong relationships with California growers.
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Our flowers are composed in reusable wire,
and we never, ever use toxic floral foam.
Our commitment to you


Being a sustainable florist means making choices that protect the health of the environment, even if they cost a little extra or require more production time. Two of the most impactful ways we achieve this are by banning the use of floral foam in our studio and prioritizing single-origin flower sourcing.

Our floral designs are made with 100% compostable or recyclable materials, without toxic additives or preservatives, We are industry leaders in the use of sustainable floral mechanics and love to share our eco-forward business solutions within the floral community.