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Get to know what makes us unique.

We are a collective of artists, ecologists, teachers, and storytellers who use fresh flowers to illustrate life. Drawing upon our backgrounds in sculpture and design, in concert with our botanical expertise, we create exceptional floral impressions for unforgettable deliveries.

My name is Christine Denman, I am the business owner and lead designer in our private flower studio. I am a California native, a ten-year former preschool teacher, and an artist with a keen interest in people’s stories. To me, flowers are just like paint. I study them and use them to help others express their feelings intimately and exuberantly.

Storybook Floral is known industry-wide as a model of sustainable floristry and regenerative retail practices. Our vision is for a world where florists take it upon themselves to heal the earth, and that means slowing down our sourcing and creating, and reducing our footprint in every way we can.

We have moved beyond sustainability and are committed and becoming a fully regenerative operation. Although we can’t regrow every flower we sell, we offset our footprint by using only 100% compostable and recyclable materials in our studio and generously sponsoring organic farmland throughout California and internationally (please use our contact form to connect with us on these projects!).

We are proud to say that through our dedication to working slowly, intentionally, and hyper-locally, our flowers truly help heal the earth.

Please connect using the Contact Form to learn more about our team, our philosophy, and our slow-craft artistry.

If you are interested in a Private Workshop or Virtual Mentorship please reach out. We are always here to teach and share.

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the most personal approach to flower Delivery possible


never an order number.

Did you know we think about you throughout the entire creation of your flowers? From hand-selecting your blooms at the market to each istem placement, you and your occasion are in our hearts.


The little things matter.

Handwritten cards with great penmanship. Thoughtfully tied ribbons. A vessel that perfectly compliments the flowers. Delivery with a smile. Friendly phone calls and on-time email responses. We value your experience above all else.


Products to protect your health and the environment

We never use toxic floral foam, single-use plastic waste, irresponsibly bleached or unnaturally dried botanicals, or flowers sourced unethically. Your body, mind, and spirit deserve to be honored.