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  • Flower arrangement with peach, yellow and white flowers



    Unforgettable and over-the-top, the Odyssey arrangement is a floral expression of adventure for those who want a little bit of everything all in one. When you need a dramatic wow-factor, this is the one for you. If you love floral arrangements with lots of different flowers from all over the world, you’re absolutely in for…

  • purple orchids violet flowersyellow orchids peach ranunculus

    Orchid Duobloom


    Our #1 Best-Seller takes you on a journey through fascinating shapes, patterns, and colors of our signature flower, the Cymbidium Orchid. These star-shaped orchids mystify viewers with intoxicating honey-like fragrance and giant blooms. Couple this mystique with their exceptionally long lasting vase life, and you’ve got a flower experience like never before. In this design,…

  • Flower arrangement with yellow and purple orchidsFlower arrangement of red orchids

    Orchid Monobloom


    The exquisite Cymbidium orchid is our signature flower because of it’s mysterious intrique, long-lasting vase life, intoxicating fragrance, and multitude of star-like blooms. We adore it’s dramatic presence and gestural forms and use them sculpturally.  If you want to make an outrageously luxurious impression full of magical exoticism, this composition of voluptuous single-source orchids is…

  • Flower arrangement with pink rosesred and purple roses

    Rose Duobloom


    Our roses are more perfect than you ever imagined possible. As experts in premium rose sourcing, selection and care, we guarantee freshness and long-lasting vase life beyond all others. Our rose designs are powerful displays of the qualities and characteristics of this legendary flower, and will leave your recipient begging for more. You’ll always receive…

  • Flower arrangement with red roses

    Red Rose Monobloom


    Passion seekers and hopeless romantics alike fall head over heels for our sultry twist on the timeless gesture of red roses. Say goodbye to everything you know about commercially produced roses and hello to a whole new world of voluptuous petal perfection, the Storybook way. Every red rose arrangement is created uniquely for your story….

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    Seasonal Duobloom


    Our Seasonal Duet is all about the paired-down aesthetic of modern floral design. It’s a double delight that showcases two of the season’s most tantalizing flower varieties. If you’re seeking something strikingly forward-thinking or want to make an impression of contemporary sophistication, we’ve designed this one one for you. This arrangement is based on two…

  • Flower arrangement with pink, magenta, yellow and white orchidsFlower arrangement with pink, white, and orange orchids

    Floating Orchid Monobloom


    Orchids are known to make people feel safe and to elicit inner peace through their presence. This species of orchid, known as the phalaenopsis, has protective qualities and is considered to be one of the most mysterious, exotic, and collectable plants in the world. Phalaenopsis orchids have showy, dancing bi-lateral blooms and sensual draping forms,…

  • Flower arrangement with purple and pink carnationsFlower arrangement with white carnations

    Carnation Monobloom


    This arrangement is guaranteed to turn everyone into a carnation lover! It’s one of our most requested designs because carnations are in the middle of a modern renaissance. With access to some of the newest and most interesting carnation varieties and a passion for sculptural shapes of crescents, our distinctive carnation monobloom arrangements last up…

  • red roses and texture

    Seasonal Minibloom


    This sweet petite arrangement is available for convenient studio pickup. It’s perfect for self-love, friendly gifting, appreciation, or support. A super chic combination of roses, orchids, and botanical texture create this casual flower moment. This item is available for pickup-only from our La Mesa studio. All flower pickups include a reusable or recyclable cardboard transport…

  • Flower arrangement with pink ranunculusFlower arrangement with white roses and orchids

    The Perfect Pickup


    Available for convenient in-studio pickup is a thoughtful variety of in-house flowers like roses, ranunculus, tulips, and unusual seasonal superstars. A variety-based selection is thoughtfully chosen for you and playfully arranged in our signature style. These flowers are perfect for smaller spaces and casual gestures, yet still showcases large focal flowers, gestural shapes, and pleasant…